My New Blog…Maybe

My name is Bohdan.  You probably have gathered that by reading the header, you’re a smart one.  I am lots of things to many people.  Most of all, you guessed it, I am a geek.  Of course, it’s in the title. Geeks tend to geek out on things.

What do I geek out on?  Brainy stuff.

By trade, I am a Computational Physicist.  That’s just a fancy name for the fact that I love math.  A Computational Physicist uses math to model events in nature.  It is a discipline in Physics that allows me to work broader and more general problems.  In my studies I have done astrophysics, electrodynamics, mechanics, and non-relativistic few body problems.  Needless to say, nature and numbers fascinate me.

In my spare time, I keep myself busy.  When I am not flying airplanes, getting fit, taking photograph, or training Dominic, then I am most certainly spending time with Jinx.  The goal was to share the information that I find related to these topics in my life that I love.  Over time, it may just turn into something that is cohesive and focused.

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