Cognitive Enhancement: the Quick Fix?

I’ve noticed commercials for a website called Lumosity. Being a lover of puzzles, brain games, math and physics problem, I was curious.  Curiosity kicked in and so did the OCD.  Google, here I come.

First I’ll tell you that I am reading the book Brain Rules, by John Medina.  It’s a culmination of rules for keeping the brain sharp.  There are no surprises in the book, just solid science.  After having read this book, I have become very skeptical of the quick fix.  Nothing will jump your IQ through the roof.

Hearing the commercials with a background in flight instruction and an advanced degree, I know that I became quickly skeptical of the ad claims.  The first article at the PSYBLOG, comes to some good conclusions.  Mainly, they say the evidence is not yet mature enough to give a clear answer.  A similar article at the Guardian reveals the same thing.  And finally this article at Smart Planet provides another similar perspective.

What would be interesting is if Lumosity would collect data for their customers performance and give them as proof.  Here is a perfect opportunity to solve the question…will that happen?

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