Sony a7 and a7r? The next camera?

Since starting photography, I’ve had two reliable friends: Leica and Canon.  Other than the occasional craving for a Leica M or M Monochrom, I really have not seen anything that could pull me away from the Canon 5D Mark II.  Having bought the 5D back in ’08, it’s been a dependable camera and I’ve had great results with it.

However, my photography has changed a bit in the last years.  For instance, I’ve leaned more toward the candid style of shooting.  Last year, I shot about 80% of my photos with the Fujifilm X100.  That camera is amazing and a story in and of itself.  Along with the X100,  the Leica M6 has seen a lot of action.  I thought that it would be nice to own something with full frame camera that would use Leica lenses.

Enter the Sony Alpha a7 and a7r.  It didn’t take me long to talk it over to the wife.  I figured I could trade in the Canon system, which consisted of the body and three lenses, for the a7r.  Well, I made my order.  B&H is a dangerous outfit.  Enablers.

Of course, everyone ordered from B&H and the first shipment sold out.  I guess I was able to get in on the second shipment from overseas, because it got here a week before Christmas.  With the kit, I bought the Metabones lens converter along with the Zeiss 35mm ZA lens.

Family brought me out-of-town for a few days, so I put the a7r into the bag and taken with on a trip to Chicago.  There wasn’t much time to shoot, but I did squeeze off a few frames.  I used my 35mm Summicron-M and the Zeiss.  Both of them were amazing on the camera.  Well, the 5D Mk II just sold on that auction site along with the lenses.  I managed to recoup what I spent, and I don’t miss a thing.  I’ll be reporting on this more as time goes by…

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