About me

Different things to different people, is what I am. But, how important are those details?

Geeking out about things is something I do on a regular basis. Geeks are taking over the world, I’ve been interested in the how. I have a few hobbies like aerobatics, photography, Schutzhund, and fitness. Scientifically, I am a physicist and I am fascinated by the learning process and how to apply what I learn.

My philosophy is simple: I learn everything I can. Being a proper geek, and expecting to survive, I know there are five aspects of my life that I strive to improve: love, fitness, art, science, learning.

The first one is a no-brainer that includes , friendship, spirituality, and your love life. If you don’t work to improve that, you destroy it. There’s no magic here, and frustrating as it is, there is no equation or algorithm to get you there. It’s purely experimental. In addition, there is no predictable outcome. Love involves taking chances. Sometimes when you take a chance you can fly high, or fall flat on your face. However it turns out, you just keep going with the faith that someday it’ll pay off.

Without fitness, none of the other four possible. I work with some incredibly smart people. Some of which get “it” and some don’t. Let’s just put it this way. If you are not keeping your body as fit as you can, then you are not only doing a disservice to yourself but to others around you. As an Airman, the mindset was on mission. If we are out of shape, we are a liability. Fitness makes everything else so much more possible.

Art and science are different sides of the same coin. There is a strong parallel between thought processes in arts and science. I’ve known many mathematicians that are gifted in music and physicists that are artists. In my own life, I am both artistically and musically inclined. Understanding that everyone is not a scientist, we all have some career or work life. Some work in the arts. Personally, I have to be creative and I use photography to balance out the physics.

Learning is my last area…it ties everything else together. The process of learning, performance, and productivity are fascinating to me. The physics side of me wants to find the simple elegant solution, where the engineering side of me wants to find the most efficient. Either way, it’s the glue that holds all the other life areas together.

I love getting mail and comments, but do keep it clean. If you find something you like or appreciate, please feel free to drop me a line.